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Quiel Begonia   

NRA Certified Firearm Instructor and NRA Training Counselor  

Do you want to become an NRA Certified Instructor?

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We are setting up an NRA certified Instructor Class.  If you are a interested to becoming an NRA Certified Instructor please send me an Email to:  :


Do you need a Concealed Weapon License ? 

Attend one of our

Carry  Concealed Weapon Classes !!


1. .     Weapons and ammunition are not allowed inside the classroom.  Please leave them in your car. All Materials needed will be supplied to you during class.

2.          The class is  approximately three (3) hours in duration.

3.          The fee for the Firearm Safety Class is $60.

     4.   The State of Florida concealed weapon license is good in thirty-five (35) states  and valid for seven (7) years.

5.     You will receive a Firearm Safety certificate upon completion of the class .  This Certificate is required for your  CCW License Application.

6.     Your  Application, finger prints, photo and notary are now done through one of the 7 Regional Licensing offices in Florida.  There’s one in Jacksonville Florida.             (Total Fee $112.00) . We go over the application process during the class. 

  inquire about our Class Schedules for Orange Park and Jacksonville area.  Please  send Email to:  go to to   Schedules.htm


We can setup a CCW Class at your location if you have 10 or more  in your group.


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     *   Weight with 32 round magazine 4.25